Why does this article make no mention of the Green Party? They adopted an explicitly anti-capitalist platform in 2016.

The DSA’s support for Bernie Sanders during the primaries confused me as I didn’t realize at the time that the DSA doesn’t run its own candidates. I later went to a Jill Stein rally where I spoke with a DSA representative, who was supporting Stein, and also (briefly) Stein’s vice-presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka. Marxists handing out the Workers Vanguard outside the event space didn’t agree with the DSA supporting any presidential candidates.

Though I ultimately went with Stein/Baraka, I’m affiliated with no political party, and am not convinced that even a Green administration could fix the systemic problems with this country. This article says that in the 1950s, “socialism was widely seen as antithetical to the American way of life”. I would argue that is still the case, if we’re talking about true socialism. This is a country founded by and for the benefit of cisgender white male landowners. Capitalism and inequality are at our core. It’s going to take more than a few slightly more left-leaning elected officials to fix that.

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