While it is definitely important to explore how transgender people have been treated in various cultures throughout history, being transgender (“transgenderism” is not a preferred term) is only beginning to be respectable in the U.S. for a very narrow subset of people. The vast majority of trans people in the U.S. do not have Caitlyn Jenner’s wealth and privileges. Many trans women of color in the U.S. also must perform sex work to survive. The “transgender tipping point” has also brought with it increased violence against trans people, and a rise of proposed legislation to make it impossible for trans people to use bathroom and other facilities matching their gender identities. There is also no legal recognition for nonbinary people here.

In short, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that the U.S. is so much more progressive than other countries when it comes to trans people, especially trans women of color. For true equality, trans people of all genders, races, abilities, and income levels must be free and safe to live their authentic lives.

Queer agender trans male. Black vegan atheist, photographer, blogger. Pronouns: they/them/their. http://funcrunch.org, https://www.patreon.com/funcrunch

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