Speaking as a Black US-American, I can't agree that racism played no part in the decision for over 60 million of my fellow citizens to vote for Donald Trump. To be clear, I do not support the Democratic Party, and have not voted for either of the major two parties for president since 1992. I do agree that both major parties are warmongerers controlled by corporate interests.

However, Trump has normalized the open and unapologetic expression of bigotry. Over sixty million people listened to the words of this incompetent bigot in 2016, and still decided to vote for him for president. Then they listened to four years of his "modern presidential" ramblings, and decided to vote for him again.

They weren't forced to make this choice. They could have voted for a third party or not at all. Instead, they endorsed not only the same warmongering and corporate interests that the Democrats are beholden to, but white supremacy on top of that. That, I cannot forgive.

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