Some responses to this article from my perspective as a trans person:

  • The student saying that they have never experienced a transgender person sharing a restroom with them may not realize that they quite possibly already have. Many trans people, especially trans men, do “pass” as cisgender. Despite what most cis people believe, gender identity is no more reliably discernible than sexual orientation.
  • The statement that it takes two to five years to transition seems to assume that transition entails a specific path or set of procedures. For those who do use hormones in their transition, the pace of visible change can be quite different depending on the individual. And trans people who do not take hormones or get surgery also need safe restroom access.

I do agree that more gender-neutral restrooms are needed. In particular, all single-occupancy restrooms should be gender-neutral. Regardless, trans men and women should be allowed to use men’s and women’s restrooms, respectively, regardless of whether they have hormonally or surgically transitioned. We all just need to pee.

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