Interesting analysis. Regarding your opening paragraph, I’ve also read and gotten a lot out of Julia Serano’s book. It’s thanks to Whipping Girl that I came to describe myself as having a male subconscious sex, though my gender identity is non-binary (agender).

Regarding the detransitioners’ claims about HRT, though I haven’t watched the linked videos for context, I am highly dubious of the claim that testosterone for transmasculine people has become “too accessible”. For one thing, many trans folks lack insurance, and without insurance some forms of testosterone therapy can be prohibitively expensive; as I wrote in a recent story, the retail price of the gel I’m currently using is over $600 a month.

I feel strongly that HRT should be prescribed on an informed-consent basis to people of all gender identities. It’s important that full and accurate information be provided to patients regarding the expected, possible, and irreversible effects of hormones. (I’ve seen some young transmasculine people asking how they can use testosterone to just lower their voice a bit without getting facial or body hair or clitoral enlargement, for example. Sorry, T doesn’t work that way.) But ultimately, barring serious medical contraindications, the patient should have the right to this treatment without lengthy wait times or having to pass any gatekeeper’s test for gender identity or “real life” experience. These gatekeepers absolutely still exist.

But even if all doctors in the U.S. fully understood and accepted trans and non-binary identities, their prescriptions would be meaningless if the patients could not afford to have them filled. I see the real problem with capitalism here is not an eagerness to sell more testosterone; as I mentioned in my story above, these treatments are designed for and marketed almost exclusively to cisgender men, who make up a far larger market than transmasculine people ever will. The problem is the lack of universal health coverage.

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Queer agender trans male. Black vegan atheist, photographer, blogger. Pronouns: they/them/their.,

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