I’m very sorry for the disgusting racism and sexism you’ve experienced. Every day I find more reasons to avoid Facebook. Not only because of stories like this, but because there is no way to close, disallow, or even pre-screen comments on posts to pages, which should be a basic moderation function in any well-designed community site. Racists who think they should have the absolute right to post the kinds of garbage they’ve sent to you complain when their “free speech” is “censored” and talk about “echo chambers”, and then, as you’ve seen, get you suspended for speaking.

As a black trans person, I’m finding the mockery and hostility I encounter for just trying to express myself authentically makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning. But I still do, for now, even though my mere existence makes me a target for bigots, bullies, and violent supremacists.

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