I love every last one of you.

I appreciate and agree with a lot of your writing, but you’ll have to excuse my cynicism over that final sentence. :-P If you really mean that literally and sincerely, I apologize.

I’ve had those glimpses of a better world that you speak of, but my hope for it is growing fainter by the day. Part of the problem is that this planet simply might not be able to support a population of seven and half billion—a number which is growing rapidly — in any kind of egalitarian manner, whether under anarchy or a democratic system, under our current rate of resource consumption. And no, this is not an anti-natalist position; I despise the racism and classism that often accompanies anti-natalism. I am childfree by choice, but the reproductive decisions of others are none of my business. Our consumption habits matter more than how many children each of us have.

In order to maintain a livable planet, our species needs to evolve to not only treat other humans with more respect, but to extend that respect to our fellow animals and our shared natural environment as well. Animal rights and veganism are topics where accusations of privilege and bigotry are often levied against activists, and in many cases they are justified considering the racism, sexism, and classism in much of the messaging.

Regardless, while for the past year I have focused on transgender rights advocacy and documenting the resistance to the Trump/Pence administration, I have not forgotten that I do not own the Earth or possess any divine right over other species. How our societies treat the most vulnerable among us is a reflection of our moral character.

Queer agender trans male. Black vegan atheist, photographer, blogger. Pronouns: they/them/their. funcrunch.org, patreon.com/funcrunch

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